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Assorted Links to Jim’s Originals



Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table


Hess’s Law Calculations - Jim’s Way

Hydrogen-Oxygen Fuel Cell

Jim’s Behavior Management Documents

Jim’s A’Level Notes - Inorganic

Jim’s A’Level Notes - Organic

Jim’s A’Level Notes - Physical


Jim’s A’Level Notes Various (Acids, Bases, Buffers, Equilibria, Rates and More)

Jim’s Exam Advice

Jim’s KS3 Notes

Jim’s Views on Teaching and Learning

Mass calculations, Percentage Yield and Atom Economy

Reactions in an Internal Combustion Engine

RSC Chemistry for Non-specialists - Web Based Links

Standard Electrode (Redox) Potentials

Ten Key Rights for NQTs

Various Resources

Periodicity of Some Fundamental Properties

OCR AS and A2 Chemistry Specifications linked to Knockhardy

Jim’s Master Timetable for AS/A2 Chemistry at SSPP 2013-2014

SSPP 13 Chemistry Twiducate Login Page

SSPP 12 Chemistry Twiducate Login Page

SSPP GCSE Science Chemistry Twiducate Login Page

Jim’s Basic Chemistry Notes

Check out my Prezis below

Crude Oil, Products from Oil and Alternative Fuels

Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

A Prezi of Mind Maps

The Atmosphere


A Prezi of Jim’s A’Level Chemistry Notes

Chemical Calculations

Maximising Students’ Learning

Videos on Chemistry Topics

Medical Physics Edexcel P3 T6

Evidence that Homework does NOT improve Learning

Learning Objectives

The Way Forward